Top Ten Straw Hat Pirates

  1. Zoro: As the second in command for the Straw Hats Zoro is always the coolest of the crew.  He is ferociously strong, determined and wants his reputation as a swordsman to reach the heavens.  He gets the best lines to say, the best foes to fight and always does it in style.  In a future article I hope to illustrate this with a run down of Zoro’s major battles. The only real fault that Zoro has is his total inabilty to follow any directions (which often still gets him to the right place at the right time).
  2. Luffy: As the captain and main character Luffy should probably be number one but his silly streak prevents him from getting there.  He has the perfect personality for a fun adventure like One Piece as he aims to become the new Pirate King. He rises to the every challenge often with help from friends or luck and he has defeated numerous enemies that underestimated him because of his childish demeanor and appearance.  He is not too smart and will often fall for tricks or find ridiculous things to be awesome which keeps him from being higher on my list.
  3. Sanji:  Not long ago Sanji would have been the number 2 Straw Hat pirate instead of Luffy but that changed after seeing him running down the beach in a dress.  Sanji still makes it in at number 3 just because I’m guessing it’s against his will and because he has a history of traveling the hills and valleys of coolness.  While he is extremely important to the crew as a chef and fighter he is also the butt of many jokes.  Just look at his Wanted Poster if you don’t believe me.  I’ll look more in depth with these guys in the future to better explain.
  4. Brook: As the newest member of the Straw Hats there isn’t a whole lot to be said about him yet.  I’m ranking him this high for now because of his gangly skeletal appearance which is unfortunately not reflected in his Wanted Poster.  He looks like Jack Skelington with an afro and top hat.  He has a terrible sense of humor and real lack of manners despite his gentlemanly appearance.  He is the ships musician but he is also able to incorporate his music into his fighting which consists mostly of fencing with a sword hidden in his cane.
  5. RobinAlthough I like all the Straw Hats in they’re own way because of how Oda uses them the next 3 characters fit in the middle of my list evenly. Robin is interesting for her past and sullen personality which is refreshingly unique from any other female characters you will find.  She has a unique devil fruit ability which she uses sparingly and generally without attracting much attention to herself (she uses her revealing attire for that).  Her specialty of knowing history and archeology isn’t generally to impressive and she is usually content to stay on the sidelines while the guys show off in battles but she is great at pulling through right when she’s needed.
  6. Nami: As the Straw Hats navigator she always follows her compass to make sure the crew gets to their destination. Unfortunately her moral compass seems to be broken as there aren’t too many lines she won’t cross for her greed or sense of self preservation.  In many situations she represents the most normal human on board without any devil fruit, cybernetic or freakishly strong abilitys.  She relys mostly on her own wit’s (and looks) to get what she wants  but occasionally is able to give her crew mates grievous injuries using something that must be similar to the “Fist of Love” used by Vice Admiral Garp.  Fortunately as a relatively normal person who is surrounded by larger than life characters her reactions often represent those of the reader should they find themselves in that situation.
  7. Franky: Franky ranks low in my opinion mostly because of his ridiculous nose and the fact that he refuses to wear pants. He is also taking the longest to get used to having on the crew.  While a suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy One Piece Franky takes it to a new level.  Thanks to his own self taught skills of weapon making he has made himself a cyborg that runs mechanically on soda.  His carpentry he atleast learnt from the master Tom but the speed and precision of Franky’s work is ludicrous.  His body can not only take strange shapes but also hide tools, weapons and instruments that he can pull out randomly when needed.  Along with his dancing and sentimental storms of tears this guy really needs to start wearing some decent shorts before I’ll like him more.
  8. Chopper: Tony Tony Chopper is no doubt a great character but that cutesy innocence just isn’t going to rank him to high on my list.  He is an amazing doctor and clever fighter and a great mascot for the Straw Hats.  Commercially his cute design and childish mentality blend together wonderfully for appealing to young readers/consumers. His original nature of being a reindeer and young age also helps Oda to avoid potentially  awkward situations arising from Chopper seeing women naked while treating them.  A brilliant character that is used well but among peers like his he still comes out short.
  9. Usopp: I shouldn’t need to say anything.  Just look at his Wanted Poster.  Do I need to explain why he made it to the bottom of the list after you’ve seen that?  I hope not but let me tell you I’m going to devote a future Top Ten list to the reasons that Usopp is the worst Straw Hat.   Right now I have to move on though because this guy bothers me.
  10. Vivi: (Not official member)vivicolor I know there are only 9 members in the Straw Hat Pirates but Vivi came close to joining and I needed to make this a Top TEN.  I could have probably gone with the Going Merry but that would have been cheating too.  She isn’t a pirate (hence no Wanted Poster) but rather she is a princess.  She was a bounty hunter for Baroque Works for awhile and that’s when she met and joined the Straw Hats.  I won’t say much about her except that as far as I know she is considered an honorary Straw Hat and that I think she could have been a good addition.
  11. Gaimon: (Special Mention)  Remember that Luffy actually asked this guy to join.  Be thankful he declined!

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