Welcome to my One Piece Top Ten blog.  If you’re not familiar with the the great manga world of One Piece I advise you to check out these links in my first Top Ten list:

The Top Ten One Piece websites!!

  1. Onemanga: The best place to read One Piece online.  Remember to BUY the manga volumes as they are released in your area and support the franchise.
  2. Onepiecewiki: The most comprehensive site about One Piece.  If you have something useful to contribute, please do.
  3. Watch-onepiece.com: An amazing site with all the One Piece anime episodes to watch including many with english dubs so you don’t have to read subtitles.
  4. Onepieceanimedownload.blogspot: Every episode of One Piece including specials, movies etc.  If you download the episodes remember to BUY the dvds as they are released in your area.  (Not the Forkids/Vizvideo version but the new Funimation ones).
  5. Pirateking.es: A great fansite with lot’s of information about One Piece.  Just remember to choose english if you don’t understand the spanish version.
  6. Onepiecehq.com: “The #1 One Piece fansite” or atleast that’s what they call themselves.  A good site anyway.  I think the “hq” stands for Head Quarters but it could also be “High Quality” I’m not sure.
  7. Apforums.net: A reliable place for One Piece spoilers once you’ve read the whole series and can’t wait for the next chapter.
  8. Onepieceofficial.com: The official english site for the One Piece anime.  When I said you should buy the dvd’s these are the guys your supporting.  They have the latest anime subtitled and the latest english dub available to preview, which is pretty cool.
  9. Animenewsnetwork.com: “The internets most trusted anime news source” apparently.  I don’t follow the anime that much but they do have alot of info on it if you like.
  10. OnePieceTopTen.wordpress.com: It’s my own site and I made it onto the Top Ten.  Who would have guessed that?

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