The Top Ten Alvida Pirates

  1. Triple “S”:Alright so for this Top Ten I’m starting with a Notable Nobody.  Triple S is only seen in this one picture and never mentioned again.  I thought he had a cool design and named him for the three visible “S” tattoos he has.

    1alvida ss man

    Triple S

  2. “BBQ”:More than likely you can hardly make this guy out in my picture, for which I apologize.  He is a Notable Nobody in the background of one scene so  I cleaned him up as best as I could.  The name BBQ comes from his shirt obviously.

    1alvida bbq man


  3. Smurf:This one might be unfair.  Another Notable Nobody who had the top of his head covered by a speech bubble so I had to draw the top of his head using my own imagination.  It seemed to me he had dark hair and a sleeping cap on so I drew it in and named him Smurf.

    1alvida smurf


  4. Poppoko: According to the One Piece wiki these three characters were given names by someone though I don’t know who.  Poppoko is the guy in stripes and I think he has a pretty cool look for a minor character.
  5. Heppoko: I understand that the guy with the goatee is Heppoko.  Another decent design for such a minor character.

    1alvida poppoko heppoko peppoko

    Poppoko, Heppoko, Peppoko

  6. Peppoko: Apparently the long haired guy is Peppoko.  In this particular picture he has a look that reminds me of someone who could be from the early Dragon Ball series.
  7. Stripes: A background character who just watched his Captain Alvida get punched out by Luffy.  A decent look for a Notable Nobody but I don’t see much potential for him.  If you have an idea for him or any other Notable Nobodys why not share it in the comments section below.   

    1alvida stripes


  8. Spots: I Named him “Dots” because of his polka dot shirt of course and here we see him begging for his life.  He’s afraid of being pummeled to death by Alvida for missing one speck of dirt on her ship.  He promised to re-clean the entire ship but with that hair cut he has I hope she just killed him.   There is a lesson to be learned here for people working on their own fiction where conflict is involved: Don’t waste a cool design on a grunt that you kill off just to show how strong or cruel someone else is.  Keep them crappy!

    1alvida dots


  9. Coby:  As a lowly cabin boy and punching bag on Alvida’s crew Coby unwilling became a member after running into them while fishing.  He is generally cowardly but does manage to stand up to his oppressor after being inspired by Luffy.

    1alvida coby


  10. Alvida the Iron Mace:  She is the first pirate Captain we meet that isn’t in a flashback.  Her crew only shows up for one chapter (#2) and the next time we see Alvida she doesn’t seem to have anyone with her.  She’ll also look completely different and have some new abilitys thanks to a devil fruit.  More on her later though.  For now maybe you can appreciate how hard it was to find 10 notable pirates on her insignificant crew and that she still ranked on the bottom.




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