Top Ten Buggy Pirates part 1

This is a count down of the Top Ten Buggy Pirates as they first appeared in One Piece.  They show up a couple of times throughout the manga so I will divvy them up into multiple parts.  First up is a focus on major and minor characters in the crew and in the next I’ll look at the Bottom Ten of his crew.

Mohji, Buggy, Cabaji

  1. Cabaji:In the Buggy pirates crew Cabaji is the 2nd mate after Mohji who is the first mate.  He is pretty cool fora circus themed pirate since he is a unicycle riding acrobatic sword swallower.  He also breathes fire and uses deadly spinning tops in his attacks.  Even though a long checkered scarf often covers the bottom of his face and his long hair usually covers the left side of his face I think he bares a resemblance to Zoro.  Maybe it’s my imagination.  The only real problem with this guy is the stripes he shaves into the side of his head.  How does his long hair stay like that and not just fall to the side?

    Cabaji the Acrobat

  2. Buggy: The captain of the Buggy Pirates or the Big Top Pirates as I like to call them (see picture at bottom).He ate a devil fruit which allows him to slice himself to bitsand still control himself (with certain limitations).  He loves finding treasure probably because he has such a weak crew that isn’t good at fighting for it.  In a flash back to when he first got his powers he is excited about a treasure map that he found and dismayed that withhis new ability he won’t be able to swim down to get it.  In more recent events he tricks Luffy into giving him an armband that will allow him to find the treasure of the legendary Captain John (whom we’ll see at some later time).  Buggy doesn’t have any redeeming qualitys really.He isn’t strong or smart so his schemes often backfire and yet despite this he is still very proud and quick to punish his enemys and his comrades.  Especially if he thinks someone is talking about his huge red nose.  This makes him a good pirate though since they aren’t suppose to be nice and Oda has fittingly made these clowns a laughing stock in the one piece world.

    Buggy the Clown

  3. Hanswurst: As the frankenstein looking guy in Buggys crew I call him Hanswurst because that’s what hisshirt says.  Apparently he and the two guys that he gets beaten up with are called the Superhuman Domingo’s.  I don’t know how they got to be known as “superhuman” but they don’t deserve it.

    1buggy dohmingoa

    Superhuman Domingo’s

  4. Pic-nick:  This guy has a solid design with fuzzy sideburns, big lips and a checkered bandana on his head.  It’s a simple design but compared to the other frilly and colorful guys on his crew this stands out as cool.

    1buggy dohmingob

    “Pic-nick”, “Hanswurst”, “Slumber Jack”

  5. Mike:  Just as the Superhuman Domingo’s are a notable trio among the Buggy Pirates there is also the Tightrope Walking Funan Brothers.  I don’t know where they got the name but I’m calling the chubby one Mike.  With his uni-brown he normally wouldn’t rank this high but for the little bit that we see him he does manage to stand out when he makes the very astute observation that Nami is hot.  Just look at him, he can’t wait to get his hands on her.

    1buggy tightrope walking funan bros

    Tightrope Walking Funan Brothers: “Mike”, “Skull Cap”, “Chris”

  6. Chris:  Another Tightrope Walking Funan Brother that I’m calling Chris.  This guy reminds me of Ronald McDonald with his big lips, curly hair and eye brows shaped like the Golden Arches.
  7. Skull Cap:  The third member of the Tightrope trio I’m calling Skull Cap.   He seems to be the leader of the three.  Although we don’t know how well these three walk on tightropes we know they sure can swim.
  8. Slumber Jack:  My name for the guy wearing the midriff shirt.  He’s the last member of the Superhuman Domingos and isn’t too cool in general.  A decent look for a nobody pirate but he doesn’t have any circus theme to him.  Too bad buggy didn’t kill him but I doubt we’ll ever see him again anyway.

    1buggy richie pirates

    Richie after being made captain with a new pirate flag

  9. Richie:  Is the pet lion of Mohji the beast tamer.  He’s just a huge lion except that he has green and purple hair. His only real concern seems to be about food and even though he comes across as ferocious he’s quite the wimp.  He’s still cooler than his master though.

    Mohji the Beast Tamer

  10. Mohji:  Speaking of Richie’s master, here is Mohji at the bottom of this top ten.  This guy is the first mate of Buggy but there is no way he deserves to be.  If not for Richie this guy would be nobody at all except an ugly guy with stupid hair.  Each time we see him his hair takes on some different look.  In an SBS feature Oda explained that Mohji’s hair actually grows in such a way that he can trim into different shapes.  Besides looking stupid Mohji is proud of his strength and his ability to tame animals which are both unimpressive except that he did manage to tie Cabaji in a fight for leadership of the Buggy pirates.  Ultimately Mohji and Cabaji were both defeated by a sleep walking Richie who became the next captain until Buggy came back to save them.  In my next post we’ll have a special “Bottom Ten” feature of the ten worst pirates in Buggy’s crew. Big Top Pirates

2 Responses to “Top Ten Buggy Pirates part 1”

  1. Tyler Bergman Says:

    xD Buggy is my favorite character and his crew can fight and kick ass besides the fact they are either to cocky or to scared point is they never really try Alvidia isent on the top ten?? or Guldino?? or any on the impel down escapes come on xP there a lot more impressive and Moji may fail but 9 to ten hes third fourth best out of the people you named.. and Alvidia became an bad ass after joining them!!

    • Stalker Says:

      Thank you sir for your comment, however I have been going through the pirate crews in order of appearance and the events of the Paramount War are still a ways off. I will definitely rate the Buggy Pirates again when I get up to there.

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