Top Ten Black Cat Pirates

The Black Cat Pirates showed up at Usopp’s home town as part of Kuro’s master plan that was three years in the making.

Black Cat Pirates

  1. Kuro:  aka Clahador or Kurahadol while he is impersonating a simple civilian Kuro is actually one of the coolest characters ever.  Not just in this pirate crew or even the One Piece manga but of all time (in my humble opinion).  I believe  Stephen Colbert would play him perfectly in a live action version. He is said to be the “man of a thousand plans” but for as smart as he is he is also deadly with his over sized cat claws. Calculating and brutal Kuro tired of having to fight off marines and bounty hunters while baby sitting a crew of raucous dimwits and decided to enact a brilliant plan to change all that.  I’ll let you read about it yourself but unfortunately for him his plan falls apart when he meets the Strawhat’s.  If not for them he would have inherited a huge fortune from Kaya and retired in peace after killing her and his own crew to make sure they wouldn’t tell anyone.  Let’s look at some of his lucky crew who were both beaten and saved by Luffy and friends.
  2. Stone Hammer: Not only does this guy look cool with his shaggy hair and dark beady eyes but this guy is the first person we see who really gives Usopp a beating.  With a huge slab of stone tied to a long stick this guy winds up and smashes Usopp in the head.  In case you didn’t know, let me tell you that injuring crappy guys like Usopp almost always grants coolness points and this is definitely the case here.  Thank you to mr. Stone Hammer for giving to Usopp that which he so deserves.

    Stone Hammer

  3. Kung Fu:  Though he doesn’t seem to really do anything special I thought this guy had a cool look with his oriental shirt and long braided pony tail.  I would love to see the Black Cat pirates show up again and maybe this guy would pull of some martial arts for us.

    Kung Fu

  4. No-Nose:  Another Notable Nobody that I think is pretty cool especially because he never seems to have a nose.  His face looks like some kind of Chinese opera mask with exaggerated expressions.  He seems to mostly pose for action and get his butt kicked but that’s alright because he does it in style.


  5. Fluffy:  It seems that on the Black Cat pirate crew it is standard issue to have little black cat ears and eye shadow but I thought this guy wore them especially well with his dark fluffy sideburns and hair.


  6. Lizard Lips:  This guy shows up a couple of times and stands out not only on this crew but in the One Piece world for being the only one that I know of who has striped lips like a snake.  He swings a mean axe but doesn’t do much other than get beaten up.

    Lizard Lips

  7. Grungy:  I thought this guy should have his own grunge rock band with his stubble lined jaw, plaid vest and greased back hair.  Maybe they could be called -insert clever cat pun band name: “Kitten Litter”?  If you have a suggestion leave it in the comments area.


  8. Sham:  Nearing the bottom of the list we see more of the Black Cat’s we recognize.  Sham is one of the Nyaban Brothers and teams up with Buchi.  These guys both have a lot of potential but end up looking pretty stupid.  They like to “play” around with their prey just as real cat’s do so they become “scaredy cats” when told to attack Zoro and then when he get’s close enough the steals Zoro’s extra swords like a “cat burglar”.  There is plenty of cat pun potential with these guys which makes them good for a jokey team but they also have some uncanny nerve like when they challenge Kuro upon his return. It’s great seeing these guys as actual scaredy cats when Kuro casually holds his claws to their throats.


  9. Buchi:  The chunky half of the Nyaban Brothers this guy is the power house of the duo.  He gives Zoro quite a workout and does some impressive  stomping action but ultimately loses while receiving a large scar in the shape of an “x” across his torso.   To his credit he does try again after being hypnotized to become stronger.  His outfit consists of striped pants and furry cape with a bell for a tie. Considering he’s the strongest guy on the crew that is none too cool.  Then again he does take orders from the guy at the bottom of this list.


  10. Jango:   There is probably a lot that could be said about this guy and none of it good.  He is one of the worst characters in One Piece which is a stark contrast to Kuro.  Jango is stupid, incompetent and cowardly.  His design is also based on Michael Jackson so he will actually do the moon walk while trying to not to attract attention to himself.  His only useful ability is to hypnotize people but he will also hypnotize himself often because he forgets to look away while he does it.  That hypnotizing ability was something he picked up after eating part of a mushroom that grew oh his grimy chin.  On top of those unappealing quality’sJango also wears heart shaped glasses that cover his HEART shaped eyes!  That’s correct people his eyes are heart shaped.  It is for these reasons that it is so awesome to see the Usopp Pirates stick a shovel up his butt.


  11. Special Mention:  This slick dude is no longer alive but deserves a mention on this list.  Unfortunately for him he bore a strong resemblance to his captain Kuro so he was hypnotized to believe he actually was.  Only after being tied to the mast of a marine ship littered with dead bodys and a certain Marine named Morgan who was hypnotized to believe he caught the real captain Kuro.  In case you didn’t know it’s thanks to this that Captain Morgan has such an incredible sense of self worth.

    Involuntary Imposter


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