Top Ten Don Krieg Weapons

Don Krieg has some tough Wootz steel armor but what is less apparent is that his armor also happens to contain an impossible arsenal of convenient weapons.  In order to enjoy watching this guy fight, you’ll have to be able to forgive his ability to pull out weapons from nowhere, (but this needs to be said for alot of people in the One Piece world).  Let’s take a gander at them now.

  1. Guns:  While Krieg has a pair of double barrel pepperbox pistols his armor also has 10 guns hidden within it for a total of 14 shots at once.  This is some pretty advanced stuff even for what we’ve seen so far in the Grand Line but wait, there’s more…

    Carrying concealed weapons!

  2. Diamond Fist:  As one of the hardest and valuable substances in the world it’s pretty amazing to see Don Krieg conceal a diamond that size right under his glove.  It’s too bad Nami took off already or she might have been able to snag it from him.

    Some snazzy bling

  3. Water Bombs: These things could actually exist since there are alkali metals that react explosively when they touch water.  Check this out for an example.  These could be awesome out on the open seas as long you don’t accidentally get wet yourself.

    Don't forget these in your laundry

  4. Ball n Chain:  Really take a look at that thing and tell me where he was hiding it!  Granted it’s not near as huge as Garps but still.

    Not even Batmans Utility belt could hide this

  5. Dart Gun:  As you can see Kriegs shoulder pads some how contain a machine gun that fires spikes (or suction cups if you watch the Fox Kids version).

    This dart board fights back

  6. Wrist Mounted Flame Thrower:  Apparently people have really been working on creating these in real life and you can see why, they’re awesome!  I doubt they could incinerate an entire ship mast in mid air but we might get there some day.

    Sektor (from Mortal Kombat) has one just like it

  7. Shuriken Bomb:  Although it’s fired in the same way as his MH5 bomb it actually contains shuriken that blow up in a nail bomb fashion.  This works better on Luffy who is used to bouncing or hitting bombs and cannon balls back but most people would run from a bomb regardless of what type.

    Lethal while flying through the air, annoying while stuck in the ground

  8. MH5 Gas Bomb:  As someone who will go to any length to win a fight Krieg will use his MH5 chemical gas bomb that he fires from his shoulder pad/cannon.  His men are all prepared for it and carry Gas Masks with an antidote in them but the indiscriminate nature of gas weapons means any enemies or bystanders are potential victims.

    You need the wind in your favor for this to work

  9. Bomb Spear:  This is probably the most ridiculous weapon that Krieg carrys and it is a combination of his magical shoulderpads at the end of a long stick with a blade that pops out of the end.  Not only is this suddenly a huge spear but if he smashes you with it instead of stabbing you the spear will “blow up” without doing any damage to itself.  No idea how this is possible but it makes for an interesting battle I guess.  Speaking of impossible…

    The spears explosions don't even singe the fur around his shoulder pads?

  10. Spike Cape:  That stylish cloak that Krieg wears is not only a cool symbol of his captain status but it also works as a defensive wall of spikes promising to punish anyone foolish enough to hit him.  Its not really a weapon that he uses to attack but it does cause damage so I’m including it here.

    He looks kind of like a hedge hog

  11. Iron Net (Special Mention):  Although the net doesn’t actually harm his opponent it sure comes in handy for restraining them while Krieg pulls out some other cheap tricks.  Also if his opponent is a devil fruit user like Luffy, using the net to direct him toward the ocean where he will be powerless could actually win him the fight.



2 Responses to “Top Ten Don Krieg Weapons”

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  2. it’s too bad my friends don’t appreciate One Piece. on a unrelated note the shuriken bomb never appears in the anime

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