Top Ten Krieg Pirates

Don Krieg’s Pirate armada shows up at the Baratie, a floating restaurant in the East Blue, which they hope to steal in order to start anew after being decimated by Hawkeyes Mihawk in the Grand Line.  Since his full armada of ships and crews was originally 50 ships with 5,000 men we’ll have to pick the Top Ten of the survivors which seems to be about 100 guys. I could easily do another series of the Top Ten worst Krieg Pirates but there are so many just read the manga and find out for yourself.

Iron Pearl, Don Krieg and Demon Gin

  1. Gin the Demon: easily tops the list as best pirate on Kriegs crew by being one of the coolest characters ever introduced.  Although he is 2nd in command to Don Krieg he is the one who literally carrys him away after their defeat at the Baratie.  He had a reputation of being completely merciless to his enemies and totally loyal to Don Krieg, (even becoming a scapegoat who got captured so Krieg could get away).  That changed however after receiving some undue kindness from Sanji, right when he needed it the most.  Later after seeing what a jerk and an ingrate Don Krieg is he defied Kriegs order to kill Zeff and Sanji and instead busted apart the huge piece of crap known as Iron Pearl.  That alone would put Gin at the top of this list but he also has some sweet tonfa’s and a sawed off shotgun all of which help him cement his position as the best Krieg Pirate.

    The Demon Gin

  2. Don Krieg: is the captain of his Pirate Armada and apparently had 5,000 men following him into the Grand Line but his entire crew was destroyed by a single Shichibukai known as Hawkeyes Mihawk.  Only his flag ship and about 100 men escaped back to East Blue, where Mihawk eventually caught up with him anyway.  He has a ruthless “do what it takes” mentality that allows him to fight in every dishonorable way possible. This attitude combined with his army of losers, his arsenal of amazing weapons and incredible personal strength make him quite a villain.    He is actually the last man standing in his fight with Luffy (though he seems to have lost his mind after the vicious knock on the head he received) and Gin finally takes him down, while Sanji has to rescue the drowning Luffy.  It promises to be interesting if we get to see these guys in the Grand Line and find out how the dynamic changed after Gin’s mutiny.

    Don Krieg in Wootz steel armor

  3. Shades:  is a Notable Nobody seen wading in the waters around the Baratie as Krieg and Gin do their thing.  I like to imagine this guy is a Yakuza or something like that.


  4. Sherlocke: has the same shirt as Zoro and an ugly hat that comes down covering one eye, kind of like Sanji.  He doesn’t seem to happy to be taking orders either, maybe he should branch out on his own.


  5. Mr. Lorre: is named after the cartoon caricature of Peter Lorre. I initially called him “Capone” because of his scar face but it will help me in the future if I don’t take names that Oda has already used for real characters.   He’s seen here taking a knife from the near dead Patti.

    Mr. Lorre

  6. Windswept: over here rocks a pretty simple design a mean glower and a long axe which he carrys in a very casual way.  I wonder if he actually fights like that too, but then again being on Kriegs crew he probably just gets beaten up like that.


  7. Yass-nope:  reminds me of Yassop the father of Usopp and impeccable marksman on the crew of Red Hair Shanks.  This guy seems to be pretty stupid though, since he trys to shoot Hawkeyes Mihawk (as if noones ever tried that before) but luckily for him Zoro interferes just in time to spare this fool any retalliation.  To be fair Krieg tries the same thing later firing off about a dozen guns instead of two and it’s equally useless.


  8. Rose Shirt: has of course a picture of a rose on his shirt.  In one of Oda’s SBS articles he describes his secret to drawing up simple roses.  Peeking in from the corner is some guy who apparently visited Sky Pine Resort and got one of their Pineapple hats (or maybe he just stole it from someone who had).

    Rose Shirt (and special guest Pineapple Express)

  9. Dane Cook?:  Am I the only one or is there a resemblance?  Maybe it’s just me but I’m going to call him that anyway.

    Dane Cook?

  10. Pearl the Iron Wall:  almost made me puke the first time I saw him.  He claims to be invincible behind his giant ornate shields but he also go’s berzerk if someone actually lands a blow on him.  He apparently grew up in a jungle where he learned to use a ring of fire to ward of would be attackers and now uses this trick any time he feels threatened.  He loves to beat on people when they can’t fight back ie. Sanji while Zeff is held hostage and he is a braggart too.  All of these things make it so satisfying to see his ugly pearl hat squish his face like an accordian after a ship mast falls on him.  Ultimately his Shield wall is shattered by the Demon Man himself when he finally had enough of Pearls crap.

    Pearl the Iron Wall


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