Top Ten Arlong Pirates

Just before heading off to the Grand Line the Straw Hats take on the baddest pirates in the East Blue, the Arlong Pirates.  The Arlong Pirates are notable for being a crew comprised entirely of fish men, who are humans that have evolved by taking on aspects of various sea creatures.  Based out of Arlong Park, a custom built seaside resort, they don’t roam the seas looting but rather extort local villages to pay them.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

Chu, Hachi, Arlong and Kuroobi

  1. Kuroobi:  is a sting ray type fish man who is a practitioner of Fishman Karate, much like we see from Jimbei later in the series.  Like all fish men he is stronger under water than above and is actually the only one to prove it, during his fight with Sanji.  He looks cool wearing a karate Gi while everyone else on his crew wears hawaiian shirts or beach lounging gear.  In a flash back to when they first arrived in the East Blue Kuroobi uses his bullet proof fins on his fore arms to stop a bullet aimed at Arlong and proceeds to severely scar Genzo, who fired the shot.  If looking cool and being skilled weren’t enough to make him number one on this list, he clenches the spot by being the only one (besides Arlong) who is (rightfully) distrustful of Nami’s intentions.

    Kuroobi the sting ray fish man

  2. Arlong: is the leader of his group of fish man pirates.  He was defeated by Luffy which devastated his fish man superiority complex and was arrested by the Marines.  Arlong is very clever and realises that money can solve alot of problems, for example in order to keep extorting the villages under his control he bribes the Marine Nezumi.  He is also very strong and uses his strength to extort said villages and live a life of ease.  He comes from the Grand Line where the Shichibukai have a similar deal with the Marines.  While he can be calm and cool about things (like getting shot in the face by a cannon ball) he can also flip his lid and destroy an entire village if someone he’s extorting defys him.   He is a Saw Fish fish man and like wise uses a gigantic Saw bladed sword named kiribachi.  He has his own sea side resort named Arlong Park which was brought down on top of him in his fight with Luffy.  He would probably be cool enough to top this list if not for that ridiculous fur cap that he wears, because seriously who wears a fur cap to the beach?

    Arlong the Saw Fish fish man

  3. Chuu:  is a Kissing Fish fish man with a Steven Tyler appearance.   He has oversized lips that make him capable of spitting water like a machine gun but was actually defeated by Usopp of all people.  He often finishes his sentences by saying “Chuu”, which in english sounds like “Achoo” and could give the impression that he is always sneezing.  Chuu however is a japanese sound effect for kissing.  It is believed that he was arrested along with Arlong and is probably in a Marine prison somewhere working hard to over come his habit of making kissing noises to the other inmates.

    Chuu or Choo or Chew it doesn't matter really

  4. Swastika: is a “notable nobody” member of Arlong Pirates.  He is seen standing on the dock when Usopp, Johnny and Zoro float up to Arlong Park.  As a big fat guy he has some awesome shades and of course a controversial Swastika on his chest.  It isn’t the Nazi’s swastika but they still have to point that out in american translations because people are so quick to be offended by it.  It’s the same reason that Oda eventually had to do one of his only retcon’s by changing Whitebeard’s flag from a swastika to vertical cross bones.  We’ll have to see if this guy appears again to find out if his tattoo has changed as well.

    This guy is probably an angler fish

  5. Slick Shark:  is another notable nobody member of Arlong Pirates.  I can’t tell what kind of fish he is supposed to be but he seems like a pretty cool guy from the one mug shot we see of him.  If anyone has an idea of what kind of fish he is than leave a comment and help me out.

    One slick guy

  6. Hammer Head:  is most likely a flowerhorn type fish man.  He is a notable nobody with those same cool glasses as Swastika.  That flowerhorn type fish apparantly isn’t even found in nature but rather some messed up thing the japanese are making.  Although an ugly fish it makes a pretty cool fish man.

    Hammer Head says "It's Hammer Time"

  7. Bad Dude: is some sort of fish man that hangs out around Arlong Park.  I don’t know what it is about him but I want to call him dude.  I’m guessing he is an eel type fish man but if you think you recognize him leave a comment.

    Seems like one Bad Dude, I don't know why

  8. Big Mouth:  is a fish man who is seen fist standing on the docks and then chasing Usopp around.  He is an unnamed member of Arlongs Pirate crew and I believe he could be of Star Gazer fish type origin. I also considered piranha type but I think this guy is just too big to be based on something so small.

    Big Mouth

  9. Gallagher: is a fish man obviously based on the comedian Gallagher.  Okay so he lost the mustache but I think I got the reference right this time.  He looks like he’s enjoyed some watermelons in his time as well.

    Maybe he's based on Black Gallagher

  10. Hachi: is an octopus fish man and Arlongs first mate.  He looks horrendous with big suction cup things on his six arms and spiky hair but he also wears an old fashioned one piece swim suit with a furry collar.  To top things off he of course has long sucker face lips that he can blow out of like a trumpet or spit black ink from.  He is extremely stupid and was the only one to ever fall for Usopps rubber band trick.  Despite all his fancy sword play he got his but kicked by Zoro and later was shot by the loser Saint Charloss (really it served him right).  He also has a pet Sea Cow that he brought from the Grand Line to terrorize the East Blue (speaking of which…)


  11. Mohmoo (special mention): is a Sea Cow from the Grand Line.   He was apparently released into the East Blue with Arlong by Jimbei in order to prove his ruthlessness and gain the position of Shichibukai.  However considering what a wuss Mohmoo is it seems Jimbei was really pulling his punches here.  Mohmoo gets his butt kicked (well his throat actually) after trying to eat Sanji and then is forced to take Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku to Arlong Park.  He’s so scared of Luffy later on that he tries to just slink away instead of fighting him.  Luffy then grabs him by the horns and uses Mohmoo to take out the rest of the losers in Arlongs crew.  Hopefully after Arlong was arrested someone caught him with a fishing net and made him their chum.

    Chum! Get it?


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