Top Ten Marines part 1 (East Blue)

In the world of One Piece the Staw Hat Pirates love adventure, fun and even helping out others who need it.  While they are heroes to many the fact remains that they are pirates and piracy is illegal.  That’s why they always have to be on the lookout for the Marines, the police of the sea.  In this post I’ll take a look at the Top 10 Marines we meet in the East Blue, before the Straw Hats get to the Grandline.

 1. Smoker:  With the devil fruit ability to turn himself into intangible smoke and an unwavering sense of justice, Smoker very nearly put an end to Luffy’s ambitions of becoming the Pirate King, when he captured him in Logue Town, the last stop in the East Blue, before heading into the Grand Line.  If not for the actions of the mysterious man called Dragon, Luffy and his crew, would have had no chance of escaping Smoker “the White Hunter”, a man who boasts of never letting even a single pirate get away from him.  Dragons interference however does allow the Straw Hats to escape and true to his name Smoker gets his crew and gos on the hunt, following them into the Grand Line.  He never wears a shirt , he always smokes not just one, but TWO cigars, and rides a custom 3 wheel atv that’s powered by his own devil fruit power, how can this guy not be the coolest Marine in the East Blue.

2. “Axe Hand” Morgan: Don’t tell Morgan that he’s only second on this list, because he’ll probably chop you in half with his over sized axe hand.  You have to understand that Morgan has an incredible sense of self worth, and considers himself to be “the Greatest” but unlike Smoker, Morgan hasn’t actually achieved anything worthy of notoriety.  He was credited with catching the Man of 1000 Plans” Kuro, but that was also just part of Kuro’s devious plan to get the Marines off of his back.  Kuro being as clever as he is decided to slaughter the crew of Marines that came after him and leave a hypnotized look alike to take the fall for it.  Morgan happened to survive  with a broken jaw, (which should explain his cool iron jaw), and was hypnotized to believe that he was the only one great enough to have caught Kuro, hence is incredible artificial ego.  He is pretty cool though for a crazy fraud especially after smacking his terrible son Helmeppo, but do you think anyone would have said that if he had kept his original look, I seriously doubt it.


3. “Bogart”? :  For third place on this list we turn to a mysterious man who is actually so mysterious I don’t even know his real name.  He is Vice Admiral Garps second in command and in the One Piece anime was credited as “Bogart” so that’s what I have to go with.  He seems like a serious guy from the few appearances he’s made, and demonstrated some serious sword skills by dicing up Cobys pistols in the blink of an eye.  There isn’t much to say about Bogart except that I look forward to seeing what else he can do in the future.


4.  Garp:   We first meet Garp when he comes to take Axe Hand Morgan to prison.  It’s hard to take him seriously while he’s wearing a weird floppy eared dog mask and lets Morgan escape after getting cut down by him.  He did point out that it wasn’t really his fault since he fell asleep while standing right in front of him!  He then awakes and demolishes a large cannon with a single punch, proving himself to be incredibly strong while shrugging off Axehands attack like a mosquito bite.  We’ll meet him again in future countdowns, so for now we’ll stick with his first appearance in the East Blue, which puts him at number 4.

5. Tashigi:  Unlike the previous entries Tashigi isn’t a tough, super powered  veteran with years of experience battling pirates.  She’s clumsy, inexperienced and has trouble hiding her emotions.  She is also extremely knowledgeable about swords and quite proficient with one.  As Smokers 2nd in command she takes a lot of verbal abuse which is all meant to toughen her up and prepare her for future encounters.  Tashigi is not only a cool Marine or character  in the world of One Piece but a unique character in general, especially when compared to other mangas, animes, comics, games etc.  Add in the psychological advantage that she will gain if she ever duels Zoro, because he thinks she looks exactly like Kuina, a childhood friend that always used to beat him, she is definitely someone to look forward to seeing more of.

6. “Iron Fist” Fullbody:  When the Straw Hats are lead to a floating restaurant called the Baratie, they meet a number of interesting characters and Fullbody is one of the least of them.  He’s there unofficially on a date, but still tries to sink the Straw Hats with cannon fire after insulting Yosaku and Johnny.  The attack is deflected by Luffy and Fullbody continues his date where he gets humiliated and beaten by a waiter (the future Straw Hat pirate Sanji). The only cool part about him is his “Iron Fist” which seems to consist of some screws drilled into his knuckles, but when it comes time to using those fists to recapture the escaped pirate Gin he just slinks off and abandons everyone.  Shame on you Fullbody why couldn’t you be more like your superiors, or even like the next guy on this list.

7.   Ripper:  We only see Ripper for a tiny bit but he seems like a cool guy.  He replaced “Axehand” Morgan  after Luffy and Zoro beat him, then he and his men saluted them as they sailed off.  Being the honorable guy that Ripper is he immediately cutoff rations for himself and his men as a disciplinary action for saluting pirates, which is pretty cool in my books.

8.  Mashikaku:  This guy almost qualifys as a Notable Nobody since he is seen so little but we know his name and he did get to say some lines.  He is a subordinate of Smoker and is the one responsible for causing him to knock over his neat stack of rocks.  I’m hoping that this isn’t the guy who was left behind to guard the entrance to the Grand Line when Smoker and Tashigi headed out after the Straw Hats.  Even just the mention of a pirate with a bounty has this guy shaking, but it’s better to be a coward than a corrupt coward like the next guy.

9. Nezumi:  This rat faced creep caused alot of pain for the people of the East Blue thanks to his greed and maliciousness.  He accepted bribes from Arlong to ignore the fact that for years Arlong and his crew extorted a number of villages forcing them to pay 100, 000 Berries a month for each adult and 50,000 Berries for each child.  Even after Arlong literally turned a town upside down for rebelling against him, Nezumi kept doing business with Arlong and even went to confiscate Nami’s money that she had saved up for years to release her village from Arlong.  Later revelations from Jinbei reveal that as a Shichibukai he actively tried to find where Arlong was causing trouble to stop him but failed to recieve any reports thanks to the actions of Nezumi.  This guy got a couple of smacks from the Straw Hats but not nearly what he deserved, considering all the harm he allowed.

10.  Pudding Pudding:  Unlike Nezumi, Pudding Pudding rounds out the bottom of this list not for lack of trying to do the right thing but rather his sheer stupidity while doing it.  He looks ridiculous first of all, with his big hair homage to some old Purin Purin TV show, but he is also arrogant when taking on Arlong and extremely weak when it comes time to actually fight.  It’s fitting that he and his ship got sucked into a whirl pool since that’s all he did i.e. he sucked hard.

11.  Daddy “The Father” Masterson (special mention):  Although he is no longer a Marine, and not part of the official One Piece manga, Daddy was meant to make an appearance in Logue Town, as a former Marine Sniper who lost a duel with Usopps Father Yassopp.  He carries a ridiculous number of guns in the anime version but seemed kind of cool because of his skill in using them.  His character is apparently portrayed differently in the anime compared to the novel, so I can’t say to much about him except that in both cases he does have a daughter he loves alot, hence his nickname “The Father”.  I wish he would have made it into the actual story, but since he didn’t, a special mention is all he gets.


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