Top 10 Baroque Works Agents pt. 1 (Holidays)

The Baroque Works is a massive bounty hunting organization, masterminded by the mysterious Mr. Zer0.  With over 2000 total members only the top 27 get special code names, and in this post we’ll take a look at the female members we know about. There are 14 pairs of agents consisting of a male and female member in each pair (except Mr. 2 but we’ll get to him later).  The guys all have a number for a code name while the gals get a Holiday or day of the week.  This is the Top Ten female agents of Baroque Works.

1. Miss Double Finger:  With a ridiculous name like that you might not think she could make it all the way to the top of the list, except that she probably actually is the coolest female member of Baroque Works.  Her code name “Double Finger” is in reference to holding up your pointer finger to indicate the number one, while having double “ones” is a reference to January 1st being the 1st month and 1st day of the year, so really her code name should be Miss New Years, which I think sounds cooler.  She worked under cover as Paula, the owner of a Cafe, which also was revealed to be her personal dream job.  When not at the Cafe, she completed missions or hunted pirates with her partner Mr. 1 as the the organizations most effective duo.  They made a good team, until they underestimated the Straw Hat pirates, which didn’t turn out too bad for her, since she was able to return to her dream job as the owner of Spiders Cafe.

2. Miss All Sunday:  Although she may have been the highest ranking female member of Baroque Works she doesn’t quite make the top of this list.  Miss All Sunday or Nico Robin as we come to know her, is Mr. Zer0’s partner and an integral part of his master plan.  She betrays him however and even tries to kill him.  Mr. Zero isn’t hurt though (physically or emotionally) seeing as how he had expected as much from her and never fully trusted her.  Apparently Baroque Works was only one of many groups that Nico Robin belonged to that ended disastrously, so only time (and Oda) will tell if the same happens to the Straw Hats.

3. Miss Wednesday The third member on this list is another traitor to the group and someone that I consider an honorary Straw Hat pirate.  Introduced as Miss Wednesday we later see her as Princess Vivi and she helps Luffy and the gang bring down Baroque Works.  With her hypnotizing belly dance, peacock slasher chain and stupid duck mount, she may seem to silly to place so high on this list but as I think you’ll agree, they only get worse from here.

4. Miss Monday:  Probably the most muscular woman introduced in the One Piece world, Miss Monday is probably also one of the strongest.  She is seen easily swinging a long ladder, a large log and throwing a full barrel of alcohol.  When she got Zoro down on the ground, she put on a pair of brass knuckles to finish him off (although this only served to piss him off instead).  She was partners with Mr. 8 while in Baroque Works but after it was disbanded she ended up (presumably) married to Mr. 9, and having a child with him.

5. Miss Valentine:  I would expect someone with the code name of Miss Valentine to wear everything possible with pink hearts, a very traditional symbol of Valentines day.  Much to cliche I suppose, since instead she wears bright yellow with lemon slice patterns all over.  She has the devil fruit ability to alter her weight to anything from 1 to 10,000 kg without affecting her shape or size at all.  It’s an unusual ability but she uses it in an interesting way by floating into the sky with her umbrella, while weighing 1 kg and then suddenly dropping down on her opponent weighing 10,000 kg.  This ability probably doesn’t help much with her dream job as a chocolatier at Spider’s Cafe, unless it helps her keep off the pounds she gains from testing all her creations.

6.  Miss Golden Week:  The code name Golden Week may not mean a lot to those of us outside of Japan, but out there it is a designation for a particular time of year that has several holidays all within a weeks time. When translated by Fox Kids is given the code name Miss April Fools instead, to avoid confusion, but thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I was able to just look up “goldenweek” and learn something new instead.  She is the youngest member we see in Baroque works and using her magical paint set, she ends up trying to get Baroque Works back together, presumably to try and take over the world again.  Mr. Zero and Mr. 1 weren’t interested but she easily convinced several other former Baroque Works members to join her, and successfully broke them out of prison to start up Spider’s Cafe.

7. Miss Friday:  When you combine Miss Friday with Mr. 13, you get Friday the 13th, and the team known as the “Unluckys”.   They are not regular agents like others but rather, messengers to Mr. Zero and executioners for other agents who fail their missions.  It’s unknown how a vulture managed to get into a position like this within the group but if Mr. Zero thought he couldn’t trust any other humans, this bird brain and her otter partner gave up the identity’s of all the other Baroque Works members we know of, for a bowl of Donburi.

8. Miss Fathers Day:  Maybe you can see why Miss Fathers Day was beaten on this list by a bird, if you look at the way she dresses.  While lemon slices might not have a lot to do with Valentines day I have no clue how her Frog obsession fits with Fathers Day.  Apparently she is an excellent sniper though we don’t really get to see much impressive from her, and we never find out what happens to her after BW disbands.  Though I can understand why Miss Goldenweek wouldn’t come back for her.

9. Miss Merry Christmas:  As probably the oldest and most annoying member of Baroque Works, Miss Merry Christmas digs straight down to the bottom of list.  She is naturally ugly, has terrible style, constantly complains about her bad hip and can turn into a mole thanks to a devil fruit, making her look even more ridiculous.  She can definitely cause some damage when teamed up with her partner Mr. 4 but it sure is nice to see him send her flying with his oversized baseball bat.  “MOLEHILL INTERSECTION NUMBER FOUR!!!”

10.  Mr. 2 / Bon Kurei (as Nami):  Mr.2 Bon Kurei makes this list on a technicality. He is both a number and a holiday agent, with his Bon Kurei holiday referring to a specific day within the Japanese Obon festival.  He is a cross dresser who has the devil fruit ability to mimic other people (including women) and so he kind of is his own female counterpart.  He is able to use this particular trick expertly against Sanji, who coincidentally refuses to hit any woman (or guy who looks like one).   Sanji ultimately outwits and defeats him, but the same can’t be said for Hannyabal who falls for Mr. 2’s Nami’s appearance in Impel Down, ultimately leading to the greatest escape in the prisons history.  Despite his heroic actions in helping Luffy and the Strawhats on a number of occasions, including (seemingly) sacrificing himself for them, in the name of “friendship” is over the top and annoying ways land him on the bottom of the list.  Let’s see where he ends up in the next part Baroque Works Agents pt.2 (Numbers).


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