Top Ten Wapol Styles

Wapol is one of the uncoolest guys in One Piece.  His devil fruit ability to eat anything and then modify his body with it has alot of potential though, if only he weren’t so cowardly and stupid.  Let’s take a look at a general timeline of Wapol as we’ve seen him.

1. Wapol the Pirate:  When we first meet Wapol he is introduced as a pirate, but is in actuality lost and trying to find his way back home.  This is his most normal appearance and he still looks creepy.

2. Wapol House:  The ultimate form of Wapols devil fruit abilitys is revealed when he has eaten a house and some cannons, turning him into the Wapol House.  He goes on to eat his lackeys and turn them into a monstrosity of epic crappiness.  It shows a hint of just how powerful his abilitys could be if he wasn’t such a fool.

3. Wapol Lamp: After getting blasted to a new island by Luffy Wapol starts eating whatever he can find including a lamp of some kind.  It’s probably his brightest idea yet.

4. Wapol Tree:  Looking like some kind of Broccoli Pinocchio, Wapol decides to go green.


5. Wapol Bench: What kind of creep would disguise himself as a park bench?  I bet he’d be sorry if he got a taste of a hobo coming for a nap.

6. Wapol Busted:  Finally after beginning to eat an entire town, the Marines intervene and put some cuffs on him.  I guess they weren’t seastone though, because he broke free and went into hiding.

7. Wapol Broke: Oh, how the “mighty” have fallen.  It’s good to see Wapol finally get what he deserves, being filthy and forced to sell matches seems quite fitting for the trouble he’s made.

8.  Wapol Working:  With humble beginnings Wapol actually manages to open a store, using his devil fruit powers to combine various junk into toys.

9.  Wapol Tycoon:  After stumbling upon a new type of metal known as Waponium found inside the toys that Wapol makes, he becomes super rich and even marrys Miss Universe, becoming more powerful than he was before (and takes up smoking apparently).

10. Wapol King:  With enough money and power to buy his own kingdom Wapol once again becomes a King, complete with his own team of Dark Doctors.  I feel sorry for anyone stuck living there though, maybe the Revolutionarys could pay him a visit.

11. Wapol unamused by this list…


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