Top Ten Bellamy Pirates

The Bellamy pirates show up briefly in Mocktown before the Straw Hats go off to the islands in the sky.  We don’t learn alot about them except that they are are huge jerks and have taken on the symbol of the shichibukai Doflamingo. Doflamingo later has Bellamy killed for disgracing his symbol when Bellamy lost to Luffy.  I presume that Bellamys crew either broke up or is being lead by Sarquiss.  Wether they are still a crew or not let’s take a look at the members who were there in Mocktown.

1. Ross:  Ross doesn’t do much except for stand around looking cool and at one point he smashes Luffys face into a window.  He has two mysterious elements about him in his unrevealed face and that we haven’t heard him speak yet.  For now I think that makes him the coolest guy on the crew.

2. Sarkies & Lily:  Walking around shirtless with a long furcoat much like Ross, is Sarkies who is Bellamys 2nd in command.  He has the nickname “Big Knife” due to the big kukri knife that he uses in combat. He is also seen with Lily who is either a fellow pirate, his girlfriend or a woman that he bought, given that he offers to “buy” Nami as well.  He’s a jerk and a bully like the rest of the crew and Lily doesn’t mind laughing at others either.  Sarkies atleast got his face smashed into the ground by Black Beard which I’m sure everyone thought was long over due.

3. Hewitt:  This grumpy gus was going to get the nickname “21” from me, until I found out his name is actually Hewitt.  He is apparently the crews chef but the only thing I know for sure about him is that he reminds me of the guy from “Mr. Sunshine“.

4. Rivers & Mani:  Rivers is apparently the Bellamy crews sniper, making him the natural rival of Usopp if the two teams ever fight.  He has a few lines but is mostly seen sitting around with his girl Mani.    Time will tell if we ever see more of him.

5. Bellamy the Hyena:  Luffy and Bellamy are an awesome pair to compare and contrast each other to.  Similaritys include the fact that they are both rookie pirates with high bountys, they both have devil fruit powers and have similaritys in appearance.  They both wear shorts and sleeveless shirts, presumably to allow for freedom of movement while using their devil fruit abilitys.  Luffy has the rubber fruit that allows him to stretch and bounce while Bellamy has the spring fruit which allows him to turn his limbs into springs and bounce around.  Bellamy and Luffy also have similar messy hair (although Luffys is dark and Bellamys is light) and they both have a scar by their eye.  The major points of difference between the two are that Luffy has a grand dream that he wants to accomplish and likes to help others achieve their dreams as well.  Bellamy on the other hand just likes to mock people’s dreams and prevent them from coming true.  Ultimately it seems any dreams that Bellamy had won’t get the chance to come true since Doflamingo had him killed but it seemed to be a fitting end for him.


6. “Kevin“:  Seen only once the nerdy looking guy hiding in the back ground reminds me of Kevin from the Sin City comics.  Perhaps he also sits around silently until he gos on a hooker hunt?  Or maybe he’s just an accountant, we’ll probably never know.

7.  Muret:  As the crews doctor Muret wears an outfit that almost resembles that of a nurse.  I wonder if her skills were good enough to remove the fist imprint left on Bellamys face by Luffy? If so she must be pretty good.

8. “Cornrows“:  While only seen once standing in the background Cornrows gets his nickname from me because of his peculiar hair style.  I don’t think there’s another character yet who has had that kind of hair so that makes him pretty unique even if not cool.

9. Eddy:  It seemed pretty obvious from the first time we saw him writing in his book that this guy was probably the crews navigator which was later confirmed as well.  It seems fitting since he really doesn’t look like a fighter.

10.  “Dreadlocks”: Taking a swig from his wine bottle the guy I call Dreadlocks is only seen once from what I can tell.  No other info has been given for him so we’ll probably never know if he’s good for anything other than filling the last spot of this list.


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