Top Ten Nobodys part 1 Mocktown

While we’ve seen noteworthy nobodys mixed in to the various pirate crews, I want to take some time to point out some of the guys that just appear in the background somewhere.  In this case some guys found in Mocktown, a pirate haven on the island of Jaya.  Considering these guys aren’t real characters but rather just bystanders to make the world feel more real, I think it’s quite a testimony to Oda’s creativity for how cool (or crappy) they can be.

1. “Scorpion”: Naming him after the Scorpion tattoo he has this guy has a very simple design but I would like to see him become an actual character.  If nothing else atleast he’s cooler than the guy named Scorpion who showed up in the anime.

2. “Cobway”: This cowboy has a pretty intense stare and I figure he might be good in a duel, but we’ll never know.

3. “Grinny”: This guy actually delivers a line which is more than can be said for (and by) alot of the other guys on this list.

4. “Grimey”: Along with Grinny above, Grimey also is seen in a conversation and he’s even caught the attention of the lady beside him.


5. “Worry Stache“:  With his traditional pirate outfit this pirate king wannabe just heard something that ruined his day.

6. “Happy Stache“:  Unlike the guy above him Happy Stache is having the time of his life.  I wonder how many stores there are that are dedicated to selling that same pirate outfit.  You would think the Marines would simply arrest anyone who shops there and save themselves some trouble.

7. “Bull K Skull“:  He has a bull skull on his shirt and he reminds me of Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers.  Thus was born the legend of Bull K Skull.

8. “Schlope Mattz“:  Trust me when I say this guy is a schlope mattz.  There’s no time to explain though, we have to check out the next nobody.

9. “Ricey“: I wouldn’t ever expect to see a pirate with a perfectly rounded bowl of rice on his head but here he is.  I imagine that he is quite popular with the seagulls around the docks.

10. “Poodle”:  This guy needs a good smack in the head.  Maybe it would flatten out his puffy poodle hair.  If not hopefully it would still hurt him.


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