Top Ten Jaya Insects

The Strawhats couldn’t set out for Skypeia until they headed strait south of Jaya using a unique South Bird.  The only problem was that it was already dark and the South Bird didn’t want to go.  So the South Bird sent an army of insects after the Stawhats to chase them out.  Here is a look at the creatures sent against them in the approximate order they were encountered.

1.  Bees:  The first insects that actually attack are from a Bee hive that seemed to be knocked down by the South Bird.  Later it would seem that the South Bird had a sort of telepathic influence on the rest of the creatures.

2. Giant Centipede: This guy was defeated by Zoro right away but it was just a sign of things to come.

3. Giant Praying Mantis:  Probably the most lethal opponent in the forest, these giant Mantis’ can actually chop down trees and might have actually given Luffy some trouble if Chopper would have let him fight them.

4. Giant Grasshoppers:  Zoro becomes super pissed at these huge grasshoppers but he actually just beats them with the back of his sword as a warning to anything else that wants to stop him.

5. Giant Lady Bugs:  Even though Usopp, Nami and Sanji had already encountered Tarantulas, regular centipedes and moths, the first real attack on them comes from giant Lady Bugs that come rolling down over them.

6. Hornets:  After bee-ing stung earlier (is that a pun?) Chopper again prevents Luffy from attacking these Hornets.  Personally I would think that the appearance for the Bees and Hornets would be the other way around. I’m used to Bees being fuzzy and Hornets looking more slick, but I guess in the end you should just avoid them both.

7. Giant Slug: I’m guessing that Usopp was the one who brought the salt along but then again Sanji is a cook so maybe he did.  Either way I doubt they would have enough to kill this guy.

8. Fireflys:  As the night goes by the attacks seem to become more relentless starting with Fireflys…

9. Cockroaches:  …followed by Cockroaches…

10. Pigs: …and lastly, out of nowhere, comes an attack from a herd of pigs.  Why is there a herd of pigs in the forest with all the rest of those insects? Who knows? Except for Oda I guess.

11. Hercules Beetle (special mention):  Although this creature didn’t actually attack the Straw Hats he was in the same forest.  The unique thing about this bug was that Luffy had a hard time deciding wether it was better than the fabled One Piece that the entire series is named after.  Fortunately he chose One Piece and continued the adventure or else the journey would be over already.


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