Top Ten Shandian Guerrillas

After reaching the islands in the sky, Luffy and crew end up meeting a number of angelic beings and alot of them want to fight.  Among those fighting the Strawhats are the Shandian Guerrillas who fight off all outsiders and especially the current “Kami” and his priests.  Lets take a look at some of them who stand out from the rest.

1. Braham:  This guy stands out as a pretty cool guy among the Shandians.  He’s also probably the most modern looking with his toque, jacket and dual wielding a pair of “Flash” guns.  Compared to everyone else who mostly fight with spears (and the occasional bazooka) Braham has a pretty unique style.  Plus check out my theory on a potential connection between Braham and Brahm.  Could it be true? It’s doubtful.

2. Visor:  This guy is a notable nobody but has a pretty cool design.  It seems that the mask was probably taken from some Blue Sea invader because it doesn’t seem to fit him quite right but the horns are a nice touch.  Too bad we don’t see more of him.

3. Squint: Another nobody with a simple design. This hippie looking guy “gets high” on a dial powered skateboard instead of drugs and comes down after being defeated by Enel and his gang.  Way cooler than hippies.

4. Laki:  I don’t know what the rest of the Shandian women are doing but Laki atleast is bringing the fight to Enel and his lackeys.  Once the fighting is over it seems that she decided to run a Pumpkin Cafe with Conis instead of protecting the new Kami Galford but atleast she can share some tales about that great war that put him power.

5. “Lanky“:  This lanky nobody shows up for a bit after defeating a sheep militia guy but gets defeated by Zoro right away.  He sure looks determined especially with his eyes rolled back like Gedatsu. Then again maybe that’s what caused him to lose.

6.  Warashi: As one of the last standing warriors in the fight it’s safe to assume that Warashi is a formidable foe although we don’t actually see him do much, with an axe like that he could be deadly.

7. Mayushika:  Standing alongside Warashi is Mayushika who may not look as intimidating but seemed to make it just as long as him.  His weapon is a curious one in that it looks kind of like a wide flat pitch fork with round points.  I’d like to see how he actually uses that to kill someone.

8. Wiper: If this Top Ten list went strictly according to effort Wiper would get first place without a doubt.  Unfortunately his renegade style doesn’t make him so cool.  The Mohawk Mullet alone keeps him from the top 5 and his grass skirt doesn’t help the matter.  Fortunately it seems to just have been a faze since his appearance before and after are much cooler, but it won’t help him on this list.

9.  “Little Oarsy“: This guy shows up more than once and has a unique look that is also pretty cool but doesn’t make much sense.  He seems to have horns coming out his head, but they don’t look fastened on and unless he actually grew them it means he must have glued them, which is just weird.  Nevermind the horns his jaw protector is also a big useless accessory.  Is it just tied around his neck? What’s it supposed to do?  There is a lot more of him that he should be concerned with covering than his jaw if he is going to go into battle.

10. Genbo:  Rounding out the bottom of the list is Genbo with his bizarre chefs hat and animal skin sleeves without a shirt.  If you’ve seen him as a kid he used to wear a cowboy hat which instantly grants him some cool points in comparison, but for now he barely makes this list.  Which is more than what can be said for Kamikiri…

11. Kamakiri (special mention): Kamikiris fashion sense certainly doesn’t help him beat out the competition for ranking on this list, much like his futile attacks on Enel.  He seems to be quite a poser imitating Kalgara’s style with a feathery pink vest but together with his mohawk and oversized sunglasses this guy just isn’t as cool as the rest of his team.  He does show some courage while fighting though so he atleast deserves a mention.

12. Yotsubane “off topic”:  This guy showed up in the comic with Mayushika and Warashi but I didn’t think he was cool enough to make the list with the rest of those guys.  I did want to point out that Oda actually released a rejected sketch of what the guy was going to look like at first.  We don’t know exactly why the first sketch wasn’t used but I thought it was interesting to see anyway.


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