About One Piece Top Ten

In this blog I will be exploring the manga world of One Piece as Lieutenant Junior Grade Stalker.  Extensive information is already available from other fan and official websites so I’m going to focus on other aspects or characters that are often overlooked and primarily in the form of Top Ten lists.  Eiichiro Oda the creator of One Piece has put together an amazing world with lots of interesting characters that fit together and are really well thought out.  Sometimes his designs are awesome and sometimes awful but he always uses the characters in a fitting way and gives them the right kind of personality.  Alot of characters have been drawn by him as background characters just to fill a page but still manage to stand out as interesting.  I hope to post about these Notable Nobody’s and you can feel free to add your own story for what they might be like in the comments section for them.  Thanks for stopping by.


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