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Top Ten Alabasta Rebels

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The other side involved in Alabasta’s Civil War is none other than the rebels lead by Kohza and his childhood gang called the Sand Sand Clan.  Baroque Works of course had its members secretly involved in order to keep the chaos going, but I’ve made sure that none of them made this list.  It wasn’t easy to find many rebels that really stood out from the rest but let’s take a look at some that did.

1. Kohza: While Kohza has a history of fighting with and for the Royal family, he takes a stand against them for the sake of his home country which they rule.  Even as a child he was ready to confront the king when it seemed like he wasn’t doing enough for the country, which eventually lead to him getting beat up trained by Chaka in sword fighting.  He seems to be a decent guy, who doesn’t really want to fight but definitely will if he has to.

2. Kebi:  As one of the original Sand Sand Clan members Kebi seems to stick by Kohzas side alot.  I’m not sure if he’s actually 2nd in command but his simple design and loyalty to Kohza make him a good 2nd place for this list.

3.  “89“:  The mysterious man I call “89” seems to make more appearances than almost any other member of the Rebel Army but we don’t really know anything about him.  His identity is hidden pretty well by the hood scarf thing he wears and he doesn’t say any lines, but then again that mystery is what adds to his appeal.

4. Okame:  We see her in the flash back to find out that she is one of the original members of the Sand Sand Clan, but when it comes time for the war, she only appears once.  She isn’t even showed fighting at all, but she looks like she could, so it’s too bad she didn’t get more to do.  Her potential and the fact that she seems to be the only female fighter in the civil war who isn’t a pirate, Baroque Works agent or Marine, put her up at number 4.

5. Erik:  This guy seems kind of out of place among the rest of the ragtag rebels, with his tophat and sports coat covered in what appears to be medals of honor.  He contrasts the fancy clothes with long unkempt hair and a pair of ripped pants turned to shorts.  Depending on what his medals are for he might have made it further up this list but until then, he’ll stay at 5.

6. “Jack X“:  I have no real reason for giving this guy the name Jack X, but he just needed to be called something.  He’s only seen in this one picture but his simple design was good enough to put him the list, so here he is.

7. Farafra:  This guy was used as an example by kohza to demonstrate the kind of danger that lay ahead for anyone who wanted to join the rebels.  Farafra lost a large chunk of his right shoulder protecting Kohza from some kind of blast, which is very noble.  However his upside down hippo teeth prevent him from going higher on the list, because on here, looks matter.  

8. “Handy“:  If you pay careful attention to the chaotic fights in Alabasta, you just might see a big guy with a katana and the what appears to be the word “HANDY” written on his shirt.  He only shows up once from what I can tell but he sure looks like he could be handy in a fight.

9. “Snore“:  Standing bored during one of Kohza’s speeches is this young man, that I have called Snore.  He doesn’t show up for any fights and doesn’t really look like he cares about anything that’s happening.  Another thing that bothers me about this guy is that he reminds of Pauly Shore for some reason. Maybe because he voiced this guy from Goofy Movie. I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

10. “Roarsack“:  Seen atleast twice with the same hat and sleeves, but with a slightly different design on his shirt, is the man I call Roarsack.  It seems to me that Oda meant for this to be the same guy but just didn’t keep the logos consistent.  With so many characters introduced in this one arc alone, you really can’t hold it against him if he doesn’t draw each of the hundreds of characters exactly the same.  Keep up the coolness Oda.

11. Kappa (special mention):  Although too young to really join the rebels Kappa did try to fight for his country and later went on to reveal the identity of Mr. 2 who had taken the appearance of King Cobra.  The kid has proven himself to be brave enough to at least deserve a mention.


Top Ten Alabasta Guards

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Due to the interference of the Baroque Works organization, the kingdom of Alabasta was devastated by a civil war.  The defenders of the royal family and King Cobra were on one side, the rebels lead by Kohza were on the other and nefarious Baroque Works agents were secretly among both, ensuring that the fighting would continue no matter what.  Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy warriors fighting for Alabasta’s Royal heritage.

1.  Pell:  Considered to be one of Alabastas guardian “spirits” Pell has the zoan type devil fruit ability to turn into a Falcon.    He is considered to be the strongest warrior in Alabasta and part of that has to be his ability to fly, which is extremely rare even among devil fruit users.  While flying he also has the ability to fire off a pair of Gatling guns which easily makes him the the coolest guy in Alabasta and brings him to the top of this list.

2. Chaka:  The second guardian “spirit” of Alabasta is Chaka the Jackal.  Throughout the war he doesn’t prove to do a whole lot, but at one point he does turn into a man-jackal hybrid, which was cooler than some others,  even if it wasn’t very effective for the fight.  I hope his defeat at the hook/hand of Crocodile taught him to become stronger if he wants to survive in this dog eat dog world.

3. Brahm:  Although this guy is doesn’t really do anything to make himself cooler than anyone else, I like him because of ridiculous theory I have about him.  He shows up with the other three members of the Elite Alabasta Royal Guards to fight Crocodile after taking some super steroids, that grant them super strength but a limited life span.  After attempting to attack Crocodile with his dual pole arms he dies and is never seen again.  Or is he???  What if after dying Brahm gos to “heaven” up in Skypeia and becomes the angelic freedom fighter Braham?  Is that idea crazy cool or just crazy? Leave a comment if you want.

4. “Grim-mace”:  Do I have to explain how I got Grim-mace’s nickname? Well I’m going to regardless of how you answered.  It’s based on his expression which could be a Grimace.  He’s also kind of shaped like the McDonalds character Grimace.  Plus he swings a giant Mace in a Grim fashion.  -crap, apparently it becomes a flail when its on a chain, argh, I was so close-.   Anyway this notable nobody only shows up once but I like how he stands out from the rest of the generic guards, so I’m putting him up here.

5.  King Cobra:  Although King Cobra is not technically a guard, he did kick one of the bandits with Agotogi who tried to kidnap his daughter.  He even kept kicking once they were down, which is kind of shameful but it does go to show that he is willing to fight for his family/country.

6. Barrel:  The aptly named Barrel is the barrel bellied member of the Elite Alabastan Royal Guard.  He like the other members fails to attack Crocodile and dies shortly after from using super drugs.  His weapon of choice is a long fancy axe and more than that we’ll probably never know about him.

7.  Hyota:  With his hour glass shaped face and huge sword/axe thing Hyota seems to be the leader of the Elite Guards.  He manages to get out one passionate line before falling dead in failure like the others.  As a leader he makes up for what he lacks in brains with heart.

8. Arrow: The long and lanky Arrow is the last member of the Elite Guards, and despite his name he actually fights with a long double edge sword.  There’s not much that’s notable about this nobody except that he has crappy pants and died like the rest of the guards. Oh, well.

9. “Goatee“:  Apparently this guy is a rebel within the Alabasta Army by having a non regulation facial hair arrangement.  Out of all the average soldiers who were not also members of Baroque Works this guy stood out at least a little and so made it on to this list.

10. Igaram:  As the Captain of the Alabasta Guard you would expect this guy to be tough or cool or something.  Ultimately he never manages to do anything cool. He uses ridiculous weapons while fighting and losing to Zoro.  He gets blown up while dressed as princess Vivi.  He carry’s the kid who told the truth about Mr. 2 acting like King Cobra, while not saying anything himself.  After that he gets stuff thrown at him while dressed as princess Vivi again.  He’s real lucky to have Chaka and Pell to do all the fighting for him because this guy sucks.