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Top Ten Shandian Guerrillas

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After reaching the islands in the sky, Luffy and crew end up meeting a number of angelic beings and alot of them want to fight.  Among those fighting the Strawhats are the Shandian Guerrillas who fight off all outsiders and especially the current “Kami” and his priests.  Lets take a look at some of them who stand out from the rest.

1. Braham:  This guy stands out as a pretty cool guy among the Shandians.  He’s also probably the most modern looking with his toque, jacket and dual wielding a pair of “Flash” guns.  Compared to everyone else who mostly fight with spears (and the occasional bazooka) Braham has a pretty unique style.  Plus check out my theory on a potential connection between Braham and Brahm.  Could it be true? It’s doubtful.

2. Visor:  This guy is a notable nobody but has a pretty cool design.  It seems that the mask was probably taken from some Blue Sea invader because it doesn’t seem to fit him quite right but the horns are a nice touch.  Too bad we don’t see more of him.

3. Squint: Another nobody with a simple design. This hippie looking guy “gets high” on a dial powered skateboard instead of drugs and comes down after being defeated by Enel and his gang.  Way cooler than hippies.

4. Laki:  I don’t know what the rest of the Shandian women are doing but Laki atleast is bringing the fight to Enel and his lackeys.  Once the fighting is over it seems that she decided to run a Pumpkin Cafe with Conis instead of protecting the new Kami Galford but atleast she can share some tales about that great war that put him power.

5. “Lanky“:  This lanky nobody shows up for a bit after defeating a sheep militia guy but gets defeated by Zoro right away.  He sure looks determined especially with his eyes rolled back like Gedatsu. Then again maybe that’s what caused him to lose.

6.  Warashi: As one of the last standing warriors in the fight it’s safe to assume that Warashi is a formidable foe although we don’t actually see him do much, with an axe like that he could be deadly.

7. Mayushika:  Standing alongside Warashi is Mayushika who may not look as intimidating but seemed to make it just as long as him.  His weapon is a curious one in that it looks kind of like a wide flat pitch fork with round points.  I’d like to see how he actually uses that to kill someone.

8. Wiper: If this Top Ten list went strictly according to effort Wiper would get first place without a doubt.  Unfortunately his renegade style doesn’t make him so cool.  The Mohawk Mullet alone keeps him from the top 5 and his grass skirt doesn’t help the matter.  Fortunately it seems to just have been a faze since his appearance before and after are much cooler, but it won’t help him on this list.

9.  “Little Oarsy“: This guy shows up more than once and has a unique look that is also pretty cool but doesn’t make much sense.  He seems to have horns coming out his head, but they don’t look fastened on and unless he actually grew them it means he must have glued them, which is just weird.  Nevermind the horns his jaw protector is also a big useless accessory.  Is it just tied around his neck? What’s it supposed to do?  There is a lot more of him that he should be concerned with covering than his jaw if he is going to go into battle.

10. Genbo:  Rounding out the bottom of the list is Genbo with his bizarre chefs hat and animal skin sleeves without a shirt.  If you’ve seen him as a kid he used to wear a cowboy hat which instantly grants him some cool points in comparison, but for now he barely makes this list.  Which is more than what can be said for Kamikiri…

11. Kamakiri (special mention): Kamikiris fashion sense certainly doesn’t help him beat out the competition for ranking on this list, much like his futile attacks on Enel.  He seems to be quite a poser imitating Kalgara’s style with a feathery pink vest but together with his mohawk and oversized sunglasses this guy just isn’t as cool as the rest of his team.  He does show some courage while fighting though so he atleast deserves a mention.

12. Yotsubane “off topic”:  This guy showed up in the comic with Mayushika and Warashi but I didn’t think he was cool enough to make the list with the rest of those guys.  I did want to point out that Oda actually released a rejected sketch of what the guy was going to look like at first.  We don’t know exactly why the first sketch wasn’t used but I thought it was interesting to see anyway.


Top Ten Nobodys part 1 Mocktown

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While we’ve seen noteworthy nobodys mixed in to the various pirate crews, I want to take some time to point out some of the guys that just appear in the background somewhere.  In this case some guys found in Mocktown, a pirate haven on the island of Jaya.  Considering these guys aren’t real characters but rather just bystanders to make the world feel more real, I think it’s quite a testimony to Oda’s creativity for how cool (or crappy) they can be.

1. “Scorpion”: Naming him after the Scorpion tattoo he has this guy has a very simple design but I would like to see him become an actual character.  If nothing else atleast he’s cooler than the guy named Scorpion who showed up in the anime.

2. “Cobway”: This cowboy has a pretty intense stare and I figure he might be good in a duel, but we’ll never know.

3. “Grinny”: This guy actually delivers a line which is more than can be said for (and by) alot of the other guys on this list.

4. “Grimey”: Along with Grinny above, Grimey also is seen in a conversation and he’s even caught the attention of the lady beside him.


5. “Worry Stache“:  With his traditional pirate outfit this pirate king wannabe just heard something that ruined his day.

6. “Happy Stache“:  Unlike the guy above him Happy Stache is having the time of his life.  I wonder how many stores there are that are dedicated to selling that same pirate outfit.  You would think the Marines would simply arrest anyone who shops there and save themselves some trouble.

7. “Bull K Skull“:  He has a bull skull on his shirt and he reminds me of Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers.  Thus was born the legend of Bull K Skull.

8. “Schlope Mattz“:  Trust me when I say this guy is a schlope mattz.  There’s no time to explain though, we have to check out the next nobody.

9. “Ricey“: I wouldn’t ever expect to see a pirate with a perfectly rounded bowl of rice on his head but here he is.  I imagine that he is quite popular with the seagulls around the docks.

10. “Poodle”:  This guy needs a good smack in the head.  Maybe it would flatten out his puffy poodle hair.  If not hopefully it would still hurt him.

Top Ten Bellamy Pirates

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The Bellamy pirates show up briefly in Mocktown before the Straw Hats go off to the islands in the sky.  We don’t learn alot about them except that they are are huge jerks and have taken on the symbol of the shichibukai Doflamingo. Doflamingo later has Bellamy killed for disgracing his symbol when Bellamy lost to Luffy.  I presume that Bellamys crew either broke up or is being lead by Sarquiss.  Wether they are still a crew or not let’s take a look at the members who were there in Mocktown.

1. Ross:  Ross doesn’t do much except for stand around looking cool and at one point he smashes Luffys face into a window.  He has two mysterious elements about him in his unrevealed face and that we haven’t heard him speak yet.  For now I think that makes him the coolest guy on the crew.

2. Sarkies & Lily:  Walking around shirtless with a long furcoat much like Ross, is Sarkies who is Bellamys 2nd in command.  He has the nickname “Big Knife” due to the big kukri knife that he uses in combat. He is also seen with Lily who is either a fellow pirate, his girlfriend or a woman that he bought, given that he offers to “buy” Nami as well.  He’s a jerk and a bully like the rest of the crew and Lily doesn’t mind laughing at others either.  Sarkies atleast got his face smashed into the ground by Black Beard which I’m sure everyone thought was long over due.

3. Hewitt:  This grumpy gus was going to get the nickname “21” from me, until I found out his name is actually Hewitt.  He is apparently the crews chef but the only thing I know for sure about him is that he reminds me of the guy from “Mr. Sunshine“.

4. Rivers & Mani:  Rivers is apparently the Bellamy crews sniper, making him the natural rival of Usopp if the two teams ever fight.  He has a few lines but is mostly seen sitting around with his girl Mani.    Time will tell if we ever see more of him.

5. Bellamy the Hyena:  Luffy and Bellamy are an awesome pair to compare and contrast each other to.  Similaritys include the fact that they are both rookie pirates with high bountys, they both have devil fruit powers and have similaritys in appearance.  They both wear shorts and sleeveless shirts, presumably to allow for freedom of movement while using their devil fruit abilitys.  Luffy has the rubber fruit that allows him to stretch and bounce while Bellamy has the spring fruit which allows him to turn his limbs into springs and bounce around.  Bellamy and Luffy also have similar messy hair (although Luffys is dark and Bellamys is light) and they both have a scar by their eye.  The major points of difference between the two are that Luffy has a grand dream that he wants to accomplish and likes to help others achieve their dreams as well.  Bellamy on the other hand just likes to mock people’s dreams and prevent them from coming true.  Ultimately it seems any dreams that Bellamy had won’t get the chance to come true since Doflamingo had him killed but it seemed to be a fitting end for him.


6. “Kevin“:  Seen only once the nerdy looking guy hiding in the back ground reminds me of Kevin from the Sin City comics.  Perhaps he also sits around silently until he gos on a hooker hunt?  Or maybe he’s just an accountant, we’ll probably never know.

7.  Muret:  As the crews doctor Muret wears an outfit that almost resembles that of a nurse.  I wonder if her skills were good enough to remove the fist imprint left on Bellamys face by Luffy? If so she must be pretty good.

8. “Cornrows“:  While only seen once standing in the background Cornrows gets his nickname from me because of his peculiar hair style.  I don’t think there’s another character yet who has had that kind of hair so that makes him pretty unique even if not cool.

9. Eddy:  It seemed pretty obvious from the first time we saw him writing in his book that this guy was probably the crews navigator which was later confirmed as well.  It seems fitting since he really doesn’t look like a fighter.

10.  “Dreadlocks”: Taking a swig from his wine bottle the guy I call Dreadlocks is only seen once from what I can tell.  No other info has been given for him so we’ll probably never know if he’s good for anything other than filling the last spot of this list.

Top Ten Alabasta Rebels

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The other side involved in Alabasta’s Civil War is none other than the rebels lead by Kohza and his childhood gang called the Sand Sand Clan.  Baroque Works of course had its members secretly involved in order to keep the chaos going, but I’ve made sure that none of them made this list.  It wasn’t easy to find many rebels that really stood out from the rest but let’s take a look at some that did.

1. Kohza: While Kohza has a history of fighting with and for the Royal family, he takes a stand against them for the sake of his home country which they rule.  Even as a child he was ready to confront the king when it seemed like he wasn’t doing enough for the country, which eventually lead to him getting beat up trained by Chaka in sword fighting.  He seems to be a decent guy, who doesn’t really want to fight but definitely will if he has to.

2. Kebi:  As one of the original Sand Sand Clan members Kebi seems to stick by Kohzas side alot.  I’m not sure if he’s actually 2nd in command but his simple design and loyalty to Kohza make him a good 2nd place for this list.

3.  “89“:  The mysterious man I call “89” seems to make more appearances than almost any other member of the Rebel Army but we don’t really know anything about him.  His identity is hidden pretty well by the hood scarf thing he wears and he doesn’t say any lines, but then again that mystery is what adds to his appeal.

4. Okame:  We see her in the flash back to find out that she is one of the original members of the Sand Sand Clan, but when it comes time for the war, she only appears once.  She isn’t even showed fighting at all, but she looks like she could, so it’s too bad she didn’t get more to do.  Her potential and the fact that she seems to be the only female fighter in the civil war who isn’t a pirate, Baroque Works agent or Marine, put her up at number 4.

5. Erik:  This guy seems kind of out of place among the rest of the ragtag rebels, with his tophat and sports coat covered in what appears to be medals of honor.  He contrasts the fancy clothes with long unkempt hair and a pair of ripped pants turned to shorts.  Depending on what his medals are for he might have made it further up this list but until then, he’ll stay at 5.

6. “Jack X“:  I have no real reason for giving this guy the name Jack X, but he just needed to be called something.  He’s only seen in this one picture but his simple design was good enough to put him the list, so here he is.

7. Farafra:  This guy was used as an example by kohza to demonstrate the kind of danger that lay ahead for anyone who wanted to join the rebels.  Farafra lost a large chunk of his right shoulder protecting Kohza from some kind of blast, which is very noble.  However his upside down hippo teeth prevent him from going higher on the list, because on here, looks matter.  

8. “Handy“:  If you pay careful attention to the chaotic fights in Alabasta, you just might see a big guy with a katana and the what appears to be the word “HANDY” written on his shirt.  He only shows up once from what I can tell but he sure looks like he could be handy in a fight.

9. “Snore“:  Standing bored during one of Kohza’s speeches is this young man, that I have called Snore.  He doesn’t show up for any fights and doesn’t really look like he cares about anything that’s happening.  Another thing that bothers me about this guy is that he reminds of Pauly Shore for some reason. Maybe because he voiced this guy from Goofy Movie. I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

10. “Roarsack“:  Seen atleast twice with the same hat and sleeves, but with a slightly different design on his shirt, is the man I call Roarsack.  It seems to me that Oda meant for this to be the same guy but just didn’t keep the logos consistent.  With so many characters introduced in this one arc alone, you really can’t hold it against him if he doesn’t draw each of the hundreds of characters exactly the same.  Keep up the coolness Oda.

11. Kappa (special mention):  Although too young to really join the rebels Kappa did try to fight for his country and later went on to reveal the identity of Mr. 2 who had taken the appearance of King Cobra.  The kid has proven himself to be brave enough to at least deserve a mention.

Top Ten Alabasta Guards

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Due to the interference of the Baroque Works organization, the kingdom of Alabasta was devastated by a civil war.  The defenders of the royal family and King Cobra were on one side, the rebels lead by Kohza were on the other and nefarious Baroque Works agents were secretly among both, ensuring that the fighting would continue no matter what.  Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy warriors fighting for Alabasta’s Royal heritage.

1.  Pell:  Considered to be one of Alabastas guardian “spirits” Pell has the zoan type devil fruit ability to turn into a Falcon.    He is considered to be the strongest warrior in Alabasta and part of that has to be his ability to fly, which is extremely rare even among devil fruit users.  While flying he also has the ability to fire off a pair of Gatling guns which easily makes him the the coolest guy in Alabasta and brings him to the top of this list.

2. Chaka:  The second guardian “spirit” of Alabasta is Chaka the Jackal.  Throughout the war he doesn’t prove to do a whole lot, but at one point he does turn into a man-jackal hybrid, which was cooler than some others,  even if it wasn’t very effective for the fight.  I hope his defeat at the hook/hand of Crocodile taught him to become stronger if he wants to survive in this dog eat dog world.

3. Brahm:  Although this guy is doesn’t really do anything to make himself cooler than anyone else, I like him because of ridiculous theory I have about him.  He shows up with the other three members of the Elite Alabasta Royal Guards to fight Crocodile after taking some super steroids, that grant them super strength but a limited life span.  After attempting to attack Crocodile with his dual pole arms he dies and is never seen again.  Or is he???  What if after dying Brahm gos to “heaven” up in Skypeia and becomes the angelic freedom fighter Braham?  Is that idea crazy cool or just crazy? Leave a comment if you want.

4. “Grim-mace”:  Do I have to explain how I got Grim-mace’s nickname? Well I’m going to regardless of how you answered.  It’s based on his expression which could be a Grimace.  He’s also kind of shaped like the McDonalds character Grimace.  Plus he swings a giant Mace in a Grim fashion.  -crap, apparently it becomes a flail when its on a chain, argh, I was so close-.   Anyway this notable nobody only shows up once but I like how he stands out from the rest of the generic guards, so I’m putting him up here.

5.  King Cobra:  Although King Cobra is not technically a guard, he did kick one of the bandits with Agotogi who tried to kidnap his daughter.  He even kept kicking once they were down, which is kind of shameful but it does go to show that he is willing to fight for his family/country.

6. Barrel:  The aptly named Barrel is the barrel bellied member of the Elite Alabastan Royal Guard.  He like the other members fails to attack Crocodile and dies shortly after from using super drugs.  His weapon of choice is a long fancy axe and more than that we’ll probably never know about him.

7.  Hyota:  With his hour glass shaped face and huge sword/axe thing Hyota seems to be the leader of the Elite Guards.  He manages to get out one passionate line before falling dead in failure like the others.  As a leader he makes up for what he lacks in brains with heart.

8. Arrow: The long and lanky Arrow is the last member of the Elite Guards, and despite his name he actually fights with a long double edge sword.  There’s not much that’s notable about this nobody except that he has crappy pants and died like the rest of the guards. Oh, well.

9. “Goatee“:  Apparently this guy is a rebel within the Alabasta Army by having a non regulation facial hair arrangement.  Out of all the average soldiers who were not also members of Baroque Works this guy stood out at least a little and so made it on to this list.

10. Igaram:  As the Captain of the Alabasta Guard you would expect this guy to be tough or cool or something.  Ultimately he never manages to do anything cool. He uses ridiculous weapons while fighting and losing to Zoro.  He gets blown up while dressed as princess Vivi.  He carry’s the kid who told the truth about Mr. 2 acting like King Cobra, while not saying anything himself.  After that he gets stuff thrown at him while dressed as princess Vivi again.  He’s real lucky to have Chaka and Pell to do all the fighting for him because this guy sucks.

Top Ten Arlong Pirates

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Just before heading off to the Grand Line the Straw Hats take on the baddest pirates in the East Blue, the Arlong Pirates.  The Arlong Pirates are notable for being a crew comprised entirely of fish men, who are humans that have evolved by taking on aspects of various sea creatures.  Based out of Arlong Park, a custom built seaside resort, they don’t roam the seas looting but rather extort local villages to pay them.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

Chu, Hachi, Arlong and Kuroobi

  1. Kuroobi:  is a sting ray type fish man who is a practitioner of Fishman Karate, much like we see from Jimbei later in the series.  Like all fish men he is stronger under water than above and is actually the only one to prove it, during his fight with Sanji.  He looks cool wearing a karate Gi while everyone else on his crew wears hawaiian shirts or beach lounging gear.  In a flash back to when they first arrived in the East Blue Kuroobi uses his bullet proof fins on his fore arms to stop a bullet aimed at Arlong and proceeds to severely scar Genzo, who fired the shot.  If looking cool and being skilled weren’t enough to make him number one on this list, he clenches the spot by being the only one (besides Arlong) who is (rightfully) distrustful of Nami’s intentions.

    Kuroobi the sting ray fish man

  2. Arlong: is the leader of his group of fish man pirates.  He was defeated by Luffy which devastated his fish man superiority complex and was arrested by the Marines.  Arlong is very clever and realises that money can solve alot of problems, for example in order to keep extorting the villages under his control he bribes the Marine Nezumi.  He is also very strong and uses his strength to extort said villages and live a life of ease.  He comes from the Grand Line where the Shichibukai have a similar deal with the Marines.  While he can be calm and cool about things (like getting shot in the face by a cannon ball) he can also flip his lid and destroy an entire village if someone he’s extorting defys him.   He is a Saw Fish fish man and like wise uses a gigantic Saw bladed sword named kiribachi.  He has his own sea side resort named Arlong Park which was brought down on top of him in his fight with Luffy.  He would probably be cool enough to top this list if not for that ridiculous fur cap that he wears, because seriously who wears a fur cap to the beach?

    Arlong the Saw Fish fish man

  3. Chuu:  is a Kissing Fish fish man with a Steven Tyler appearance.   He has oversized lips that make him capable of spitting water like a machine gun but was actually defeated by Usopp of all people.  He often finishes his sentences by saying “Chuu”, which in english sounds like “Achoo” and could give the impression that he is always sneezing.  Chuu however is a japanese sound effect for kissing.  It is believed that he was arrested along with Arlong and is probably in a Marine prison somewhere working hard to over come his habit of making kissing noises to the other inmates.

    Chuu or Choo or Chew it doesn't matter really

  4. Swastika: is a “notable nobody” member of Arlong Pirates.  He is seen standing on the dock when Usopp, Johnny and Zoro float up to Arlong Park.  As a big fat guy he has some awesome shades and of course a controversial Swastika on his chest.  It isn’t the Nazi’s swastika but they still have to point that out in american translations because people are so quick to be offended by it.  It’s the same reason that Oda eventually had to do one of his only retcon’s by changing Whitebeard’s flag from a swastika to vertical cross bones.  We’ll have to see if this guy appears again to find out if his tattoo has changed as well.

    This guy is probably an angler fish

  5. Slick Shark:  is another notable nobody member of Arlong Pirates.  I can’t tell what kind of fish he is supposed to be but he seems like a pretty cool guy from the one mug shot we see of him.  If anyone has an idea of what kind of fish he is than leave a comment and help me out.

    One slick guy

  6. Hammer Head:  is most likely a flowerhorn type fish man.  He is a notable nobody with those same cool glasses as Swastika.  That flowerhorn type fish apparantly isn’t even found in nature but rather some messed up thing the japanese are making.  Although an ugly fish it makes a pretty cool fish man.

    Hammer Head says "It's Hammer Time"

  7. Bad Dude: is some sort of fish man that hangs out around Arlong Park.  I don’t know what it is about him but I want to call him dude.  I’m guessing he is an eel type fish man but if you think you recognize him leave a comment.

    Seems like one Bad Dude, I don't know why

  8. Big Mouth:  is a fish man who is seen fist standing on the docks and then chasing Usopp around.  He is an unnamed member of Arlongs Pirate crew and I believe he could be of Star Gazer fish type origin. I also considered piranha type but I think this guy is just too big to be based on something so small.

    Big Mouth

  9. Gallagher: is a fish man obviously based on the comedian Gallagher.  Okay so he lost the mustache but I think I got the reference right this time.  He looks like he’s enjoyed some watermelons in his time as well.

    Maybe he's based on Black Gallagher

  10. Hachi: is an octopus fish man and Arlongs first mate.  He looks horrendous with big suction cup things on his six arms and spiky hair but he also wears an old fashioned one piece swim suit with a furry collar.  To top things off he of course has long sucker face lips that he can blow out of like a trumpet or spit black ink from.  He is extremely stupid and was the only one to ever fall for Usopps rubber band trick.  Despite all his fancy sword play he got his but kicked by Zoro and later was shot by the loser Saint Charloss (really it served him right).  He also has a pet Sea Cow that he brought from the Grand Line to terrorize the East Blue (speaking of which…)


  11. Mohmoo (special mention): is a Sea Cow from the Grand Line.   He was apparently released into the East Blue with Arlong by Jimbei in order to prove his ruthlessness and gain the position of Shichibukai.  However considering what a wuss Mohmoo is it seems Jimbei was really pulling his punches here.  Mohmoo gets his butt kicked (well his throat actually) after trying to eat Sanji and then is forced to take Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku to Arlong Park.  He’s so scared of Luffy later on that he tries to just slink away instead of fighting him.  Luffy then grabs him by the horns and uses Mohmoo to take out the rest of the losers in Arlongs crew.  Hopefully after Arlong was arrested someone caught him with a fishing net and made him their chum.

    Chum! Get it?

Top Ten Krieg Pirates

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Don Krieg’s Pirate armada shows up at the Baratie, a floating restaurant in the East Blue, which they hope to steal in order to start anew after being decimated by Hawkeyes Mihawk in the Grand Line.  Since his full armada of ships and crews was originally 50 ships with 5,000 men we’ll have to pick the Top Ten of the survivors which seems to be about 100 guys. I could easily do another series of the Top Ten worst Krieg Pirates but there are so many just read the manga and find out for yourself.

Iron Pearl, Don Krieg and Demon Gin

  1. Gin the Demon: easily tops the list as best pirate on Kriegs crew by being one of the coolest characters ever introduced.  Although he is 2nd in command to Don Krieg he is the one who literally carrys him away after their defeat at the Baratie.  He had a reputation of being completely merciless to his enemies and totally loyal to Don Krieg, (even becoming a scapegoat who got captured so Krieg could get away).  That changed however after receiving some undue kindness from Sanji, right when he needed it the most.  Later after seeing what a jerk and an ingrate Don Krieg is he defied Kriegs order to kill Zeff and Sanji and instead busted apart the huge piece of crap known as Iron Pearl.  That alone would put Gin at the top of this list but he also has some sweet tonfa’s and a sawed off shotgun all of which help him cement his position as the best Krieg Pirate.

    The Demon Gin

  2. Don Krieg: is the captain of his Pirate Armada and apparently had 5,000 men following him into the Grand Line but his entire crew was destroyed by a single Shichibukai known as Hawkeyes Mihawk.  Only his flag ship and about 100 men escaped back to East Blue, where Mihawk eventually caught up with him anyway.  He has a ruthless “do what it takes” mentality that allows him to fight in every dishonorable way possible. This attitude combined with his army of losers, his arsenal of amazing weapons and incredible personal strength make him quite a villain.    He is actually the last man standing in his fight with Luffy (though he seems to have lost his mind after the vicious knock on the head he received) and Gin finally takes him down, while Sanji has to rescue the drowning Luffy.  It promises to be interesting if we get to see these guys in the Grand Line and find out how the dynamic changed after Gin’s mutiny.

    Don Krieg in Wootz steel armor

  3. Shades:  is a Notable Nobody seen wading in the waters around the Baratie as Krieg and Gin do their thing.  I like to imagine this guy is a Yakuza or something like that.


  4. Sherlocke: has the same shirt as Zoro and an ugly hat that comes down covering one eye, kind of like Sanji.  He doesn’t seem to happy to be taking orders either, maybe he should branch out on his own.


  5. Mr. Lorre: is named after the cartoon caricature of Peter Lorre. I initially called him “Capone” because of his scar face but it will help me in the future if I don’t take names that Oda has already used for real characters.   He’s seen here taking a knife from the near dead Patti.

    Mr. Lorre

  6. Windswept: over here rocks a pretty simple design a mean glower and a long axe which he carrys in a very casual way.  I wonder if he actually fights like that too, but then again being on Kriegs crew he probably just gets beaten up like that.


  7. Yass-nope:  reminds me of Yassop the father of Usopp and impeccable marksman on the crew of Red Hair Shanks.  This guy seems to be pretty stupid though, since he trys to shoot Hawkeyes Mihawk (as if noones ever tried that before) but luckily for him Zoro interferes just in time to spare this fool any retalliation.  To be fair Krieg tries the same thing later firing off about a dozen guns instead of two and it’s equally useless.


  8. Rose Shirt: has of course a picture of a rose on his shirt.  In one of Oda’s SBS articles he describes his secret to drawing up simple roses.  Peeking in from the corner is some guy who apparently visited Sky Pine Resort and got one of their Pineapple hats (or maybe he just stole it from someone who had).

    Rose Shirt (and special guest Pineapple Express)

  9. Dane Cook?:  Am I the only one or is there a resemblance?  Maybe it’s just me but I’m going to call him that anyway.

    Dane Cook?

  10. Pearl the Iron Wall:  almost made me puke the first time I saw him.  He claims to be invincible behind his giant ornate shields but he also go’s berzerk if someone actually lands a blow on him.  He apparently grew up in a jungle where he learned to use a ring of fire to ward of would be attackers and now uses this trick any time he feels threatened.  He loves to beat on people when they can’t fight back ie. Sanji while Zeff is held hostage and he is a braggart too.  All of these things make it so satisfying to see his ugly pearl hat squish his face like an accordian after a ship mast falls on him.  Ultimately his Shield wall is shattered by the Demon Man himself when he finally had enough of Pearls crap.

    Pearl the Iron Wall